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23 Weeks To Go!

Well my time off wasn’t as productive as I had hoped but I DID make some progress. So overall I am pleased with the week!


I did finish the Millionaire Booklet. One thing I’m trying to see his perspective on but I’m not sure if I’ll follow. That was to never purchase a home but to always rent, so you’re not “tied down” to one spot for 30 years. I do understand that, but at the same time, I HATE moving & having to deal with all the stuff you forgot you had that you’ve accumulated over time.


But I’m one who wants to be able to make their home THEIRS. When you rent, you’re bound by what the landlord says you can & can’t do. Some may allow you to paint walls, but they have to be painted back white when you move. And the landlord could decide to sell or let their deadbeat cousin move in, so then you’re scrambling trying to find a new place.


But that’s still a bit down the road, I still need to get my finances in order!


I ended up printing out the PDF because the booklet was so TINY! And as I read & reread, I can highlight & make notes.


Last night, I came across a training on Goal Setting. What it focused on was the importance of having STEPS when you set your goal(s). It doesn’t have to be every step needed but 3 steps you can take to help you reach your goal.


For instance, if you want to lose 40 pounds in 4 months, you’re not going to break it down into every little step, but 3 steps you can focus on. For instance, train at the gym, follow X diet (OR reduce/eliminate sodas, sweets, etc. whatever you want to do to focus on Lifestyle changes) & drink a gallon of water every day. The goal is out there but that’s not what you focus on/worry about.


Your focus will be on the steps you take to get you to that goal. You may reach your goal, you may fall short or exceed it. What IS important is that you took the necessary steps to get you closer than you had before.


Today (Tuesday) I’m going to break down my goals for the remainder of the year.


What I want to do this last week of August is finish the T-Shirt ETSY book & get that shop set up. Then work on setting up my Printables shop. I’m encouraged that she grossed $1K after expenses (the small ETSY fees plus paying the drop shipper) her first month.


The Printables, the basic blueprint is to gross $1,500 a month, with the only expenses there being the small ETSY fees, since it’s all digital.


So to get those at a minimum each shop consistently will give me the power I need. Then use their growth tips to begin earning $3,000+ each month on each shop.


Today I’m going to work on creating my list + tracker to help finish crushing 2017!


Also, Craig has a Perfect Day formula that I’m going to work on as well. When I saw, it’s when I realized who he was. Something I went through last year, was this same idea, but I can’t find it. I didn’t tag it right or never saved it to Evernote. And nothing came up in my Document search. Oh well at least  I have this!


Basically you think about what your Perfect Day will be like & use that to map out a vision.


I finished the main ETSY Printables book, so next week will be focused on setting it up & going through the bonuses & Upgrades. I did find that you CAN have multiple shops under your account. So if I DO decide to do the other training, I can sell those on ETSY as well.


But need to get through this first. Also, even IF I didn’t, I recall some tips & tricks that I could use on this shop as well.

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