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Single Taken Making Money

22 Weeks Left

I’ve only missed 2 days in August & look to close it out strong! I’m looking forward to September hitting & crushing all 30 days!


I finished the initial TeeXplosion, so now need to check a few tips & tricks then go through the process.


There have been a few additional tips already, so I’ll be going over those. I also found an old email, for the YPPE ETSY one about list building, so I’ll look into that on Friday.


Tiffany had a sale on one of her challenges for 2 days. Luckily I had the money for it as it’s normally $67! It’s on how to create PLR to launch, it’s a 30 day course–actually 28!


With the exception of 2 videos, all of them are under 20 minutes. One of the longer videos is mapping out your FE & the other is an Over The Shoulder for the JV Page, so those I will plan on 2 days, in case I close or have a mid-shift the days those come up.


I still have the Use Your PLR Challenge that I started for my affiliate sites to get through. But I *might* push that back & start with this to get some additional money coming in.


An opening occurred at work yesterday, I did apply for it, but it won’t change what I’m doing. When the time comes I will move on. Getting it will provide a few extra bucks each month, so that will help me with a few personal things while I’m building.


I signed up to go help down south, so will find out if it is finalized in the next few days.  I will probably still take my computer for downtime but won’t set up my store until I get back since I obviously don’t know how long we will work & all that good stuff!


A few months back we had a crew go to LA to help with a store that was damaged & they often had 10-12 hour days. So the OT will be nice!

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