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20 Weeks To Go!

Last week was a good week! The store they sent us to everyone is awesome! Luckily, the store wasn’t damaged & didn’t take on water. Its receded  but across the street, the business park & houses behind it were underwater.


We hadn’t seen a lot of the destruction in the area we are in.


They had us in downtown Houston at the Hilton. It was nice having our own rooms. The stores took care of our breakfast/lunch & with the exception of Monday where we ate out together, we are on our own for dinner.


They originally were going to give us a $50 a person daily food budget, then decided tyo have the stores cover our two meals. For dinner, it would have been room service or be reimbursed for eating out elsewhere. But they decided to give us gift cards for $360  ($180 on 2) to do with whatever we wanted.


Several of us decided to just go to Wally World & get food to eat in our rooms & hold onto the cards.


What I got looks like it’ll last me until we leave. So I’ll still have $300 to spend when I get home! For the time, I’ll hold onto it until it’s needed.


Chris who runs RankXL is creating a new course teaching what he did to have his successful site. I’ll look into it & if it looks promising, it’ll be awesome that I will have the money to take the course! I think his other one was about $200 but I also think he had a sale on it at one point. So I’m expecting this to be around the same.


Once we get paid, I’m looking into getting a new checking account & savings account. What I make in OT while here, I’m going to keep into savings as long as I can. Hopefully except for this course, I hope I don’t have to touch & can let it grow.


What I want to work on the rest of the week, is getting my ETSY shop ready. Get the research, theme, etc. start so I can go live once I get home.


Wednesday night I was going through email & saw an email on a Webinar from Dr. Eric Thomas AKA the Hip Hop Preacher. He is doing a 100 day challenge running September 16th through Christmas Day.


The goal is to wake up Christmas Morning having achieved your goal or at least be that much closer to completion if it’s something that will take longer. For instance, unlike The Biggest Loser, you won’t (in normal cases) lose 100 pounds in 7 weeks, but you can lose 20-40 towards that.


My main goal is obviously getting ETSY up & running! And then I have 3 mini-goals which are just every day things of working at least 30 minutes a day on my Spanish, working out & getting my water in.


I’ll sign up for it tomorrow after I get home, it’s great to FINALLY have the money to sign up for something I want to do without


Can’t believe our time in Houston is about to wrap up. We’ll be going to a different store on Friday & Saturday, then leave sometime on Sunday.


Saturday is up in the air as some are wanting to go to the Astros game, so will need to see how it all shakes out.

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