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19 Weeks To Go!

We were free to leave Houston on Saturday & we did!


Originally some of the boyz wanted to go the the Astros game & some wanted to go to Galveston. That was thrown out the window when they said we could leave Saturday if we wanted.


We worked until noon & then packed & hit the road! My chauffer fell asleep so we were a couple of hours behind the gang.


The two weeks flew by WAY too fast! The 12 hour days were long, but worth it! I don’t know if we’ll get a chance to go again, but if so, it would be great to go again!


While I was gone, the money I was expecting arrived. They took out taxes, so with the OT I’ll be able to cover these last 2 collections on my account. Not sure what it’ll do to my score or if they’ll remove it, but at least they’ll FINALLY show paid!


My ultimate goal is to NOT need credit, but if I choose to, to be in control on if I pay cash or finance.


I was able to get signed up for Eric’s 100 Days With ET Challenge.


My MAIN goal is to get ETSY set up & earning at least $3K a month. The mini-goals will be to lose weight/consistent working out, working up to 128+ ounces of water daily & my Spanish.


September 12th was my last WSO purchase. My goal these 100 days is to keep it as my last UNLESS there is something that CAN help me in my CURRENT ventures. I’m also open to any challenge Erica has going on. I missed all her past ones, but having this cushion from OT and/or my business will help me not miss another one.


Since we worked & traveled on Saturday, Day 1 was lost, but I’m not recalculatng to go an extra day. I’m still aiming to hit my goals on/before December 25th.


For my weight, I have a BHAG of losing a minimum of 40 pounds by Christmas. I’m going to try not to weigh myself until then, but depending on how the clothes start fitting/how I’m looking I may take a peek or two! LOL!


To aid in losing weight, I want to be consistent in working out 5-6 times a week.


Water my minimum is 64 ounces every day to work up to a consistent 128+ ounces.


Spanish I want to study a minimum of 30 minutes a day & watching Spanish language TV.


Sunday I slept in until almost 11. After getting up at 5 & working 12 hour days nearly all 2 weeks, I needed it! Got laundry done, cooked some food & worked on my goals. I created a couple of graphics, one as my Facebook avatar & the other my computer background.


I also updated my countdown calendar to have the remaining time left.


I got caught up on the 100 Day Challenge tips as well as Secrets to Success. I have to redo one lesson because for some reason on the computer, the lesson was incorrect, but on the App they have the correct lesson.


I got my workout in, my Spanish lessons & my 64 ounces of water.


Monday I slept in a bit but was quite productive. Although I was on Facebook a few times, I didn’t time it BUT I also didn’t live on there. I went in, did my business & left!


Got everything done today. I ended up with a 2 hour nap, but in the end there were NO excuses! I only had my workout, Spanish & Business left when I took the nap.


I had looked at the Vintage ETSY WSO I purchased, but think I’ll start with TeeXplosion as originally planned.


Erica has a couple of spots left in her Christmas Coaching so I will look into that as well.


Tomorrow I have a ride in, but have to go an hour earlier, so have to get all I can in!


Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on finding some T-Shirt ideas. I have about 25 to start & will work on more later.


Thursday Today was my “short” day. I had to cook some food for the next few days, as well as have lunch, but I did manage to get everything in! I had my first day of 128 ounces of water!  Since the container I’m using is 20 ounces, I decided to make it easier to track & use each box as 20 ounces.


I purchased a WSO today, it was recommended by a couple of marketers I know & trust. It’s a WSO on publishing to Amazon, so I will look at that after I get my ETSY store up & running.


I truly feel that I am changing for the better with this challenge. I’m still working on getting up when that alarm first goes off, however, the other parts are getting DONE!


I hate that I’m closing as it’s cutting into my available time, but at least I’m using that time WISELY!


Wednesday & Thursday will be very busy! I have to go grocery shopping one of those days, but the rest of the time will be pure FOCUS!

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