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18 Weeks To Go!

The week went by quickly!


I had planned on putting my OT into savings, however, a chance to learn copywriting came & I had to jump in!


It’s through AWAI, I tried to go through the at home program years ago, but didn’t have the focus to study. It’s an accelerated course aiming to get you through in 10 weeks, but of course you go at your own pace.


But I have a cushion set up to give me time to get ETSY up & running! But following Lila’s advice I know I will be fine!


I’m doing really well with my water! Wednesday & Thursday I was off & in the past, off days were the WORST for me as far as water. Most days it wasn’t the coffee, I just sucked at getting even 64 ounces in. But I did well both days & got my 128 in! Just hope my bladder gets use to it real soon!


I’m feeling changes but have not gotten on the scale yet! I want to give it a bit more time, preferably not until the end of the 100 days.


I have to close this weekend then I’ll have a mid & some opens. So that will give me more time without having to rush. And I get to see how the changes are affecting me when I open.


Many times when I’m off, I’ll sleep until 9 or 10, sometimes 11. Then I’ll get into Facebook for this story & that story or might end up at YouTube on some other nonsense.


Next thing I know it’s 2 or 3 in the afternoon & I haven’t done A THING YET I’m tired. Wednesday I DID allow myself to sleep in until 10 but I was NEVER tired at all! On Thursday I got up about 8 & even though a little tiredness set in, I never laid down. I was finishing up some reading & said that if I wanted to I could lay down when I finished. That bit of tiredness disappeared!


Next weeks focus is to get that ETSY shop up & running!

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