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150 Days to $5K

Welcome to 150 Days to $5K!


I’ve posted many versions of this over the years but it’s beyond time to get it going!


A couple of posts in one of my Facebook groups really kicked me where it needed to!


One was a stop farting around and get your business going. The other was about how his wife had been spending the last 50 days learning Photoshop and perfecting her skills.


So I decided to see what I could do with 3 phases of 50 days. It will take me through February 2nd, but I am wanting to get to my goal much sooner!


Part of my issue is not only getting stuck on certain parts or second-guessing my niche selection but also wanting to do 59 million things at once!


I’m going to try HARD to stick to one thing until it is up and running! Then move to the next and continue to grow that stream and continue until I have all the streams I want up.


Phase 1 will run 09.06-10.25; Phase 2 10.26-12.14 and Phase 3 12.15-02.02.


I’m going to start with Sudoku and get several types of puzzles up.


I’ve also spent the past few days listening to Jim Fortin and his take on mindset and why traditional teaching does not work!


A lot of what he’s said I’ve heard before, BUT it’s now sinking in! I have some homework from his teachings I’m going to work on as well!

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