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13 Weeks to CRUSH IT!

Well I passed the test, for the $20 daily method, now to see if I passed the transcription portion. That can take a few days to get back.


I’m enjoying the feedback from Sojourn as it helps me know that I DO have it. Just a few minor adjustments on a couple of assignments.


This will definitely help me as I venture out to another site and other niche sites.


I’ll find out if I received the promotion this week.


My site for Liz’s training is up and running! I’ve already received a couple of Affiliate requests already! I still have to look at them!


I WAS suppose to have my WiFi up and running Tuesday but they sent me the wrong box! It was one for a wired connection!  I don’t have an Ethernet port on my computer, so could’t even use it while I waited for the replacement. Luckily, it’s scheduled to arrive Wednesday, so hopefully it’ll be right this time!


I thought my roommate was still at work & had debated paying for Uber/Lyft. But decided I could wait a few days to get it. Then when I received the email and signed up for alerts, it said it should arrive Wednesday! w00t!


One of the groups I’m in does an annual Planathon that you basically work on solidfying your goals for the next year. It’s normally 5 days, but this year they’re giving us a weekend buffer to catch up and then we’ll conclude Monday & Tuesday next week.


So I’ll have Assignment 8 for Azon to finish, work more on my Copywriting and ETSY.


Got a bit more done this week, but not as much as I would have liked!


I’m glad I didn’t send the hard wired box back with the FedEx guy! They sent me a WiFi hook up instead of an WiFi box!


But all set up & I’m going to try to get a TV this weekend!


I found out that the Roku TV app lets you listen via your phone with headphones.


This will be nice for late night/early AM watching when F1 is on, I don’t have to worry about the volume.


I also found out that they are going to let me be the Internet Coordinator.  I may not move into it for a few more weeks.


They wanted us to put in our final vacation time, so I put in for my birthday week off.

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