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100 Days Crush

This past week, one of the people I followed had a manifestation challenge. It wasn’t a “get a bazillion dollars by the end of the week by doing this weird mantra.” It was more about seeing why your business isn’t earning what you want it to be and seeing what you needed to do to reach your goal by the end of the year.


The assignments were real eye openers. It was a different way to look at your mindset and what is holding you back. What is keeping you from moving forward.


I’m going to do a 100 day challenge, it actually started yesterday (04.21) and runs through 07.31. I’ve tried them a bazillion times, but this past week allowed me to see some of what my issues had been.


The assignments were also for a contest so some I threw out there, but a few days I want to go back and redo, so I can go deeper.


I do have a financial goal at the end, but the main goal is to have a solid foundation and work through what I’ve learned this past week.

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