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05.13-05.22 Days 36-45

This last week I attempted to recover from the closing train!


The last few lessons in Lurn were pretty short & several were just recaps.


Finished all 21 days of lessons & passed the test! Only missed one question! The only one I didn’t have from memory or in my notes! I was debating between two answers should have gone with the second one! LOL!


Then I should get to the group in a day or two…whenever they contact me & continue this mission!


Tiffany’s challenge has gotten off to a slow start, only because of her son’s end of year activities. So that should be picking up soon.


Round 2 starts tomorrow & runs through July 6th. I hope to take better notes! Even if I don’t update my post, at least put it in my calendar so I remember what I did that day when I get around to posting about it!


Round 3 will be July 7th through August 20th.


A few months ago I tried to do a 6 month goal challenge, but dabbling & playing threw me off the game. That was to have ended August 29th. So I’ll be about a week ahead with everything going right!


But that will be in the next post!



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