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05.06-05.12 Days 29-35

Saturday 05.06

Today I finally got around to pulling the carpet from my room. The house we rent we’ve been slowly pulling up the carpet out of the rooms & we finally hit the last two rooms.


I still have to go through getting the glue up but I’ll get that done over the next few weeks.


So I didn’t get done what I wanted to. Anik had a webinar today so will need to see if he is having a replay.


That carpet pulling & furniture moving about did me in! Tiring!


This week  worked on catching up with Anik’s training.


Something else happened this week! An Internet Marketer that I’ve followed pretty much from the first time I saw her on WF, Tiffany Lambert, changed her business set up.


She had various branches of her business including challenges/trainings, they ranged in price from around $17 to about $67. When she first started, she was mentored by someone for free. He never asked her for a dime, but in return, when she wanted to purchase something, she would request that he obtain an affiliate link so she could get him a small commission as a thank you.


So that is what she is going to do, it’s a trial run right now, but if it is positive, then she’ll keep teaching us.


So we’re learning from the ground up about Internet Marketing. She’ll still have her past trainings up, so we’ll still have access to those.


So I’ll be working on both aspects here. As long as my schedule stays normal, I’ll be able to juggle everything.



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