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04.29-05.05 Days 22-28

Saturday 04.29


Woke up feeling A LOT better! It was hard the last few days being hungry but not wanting to eat much. Still have a bit of a sore throat, but I woke up like I actually slept instead of dragging like I had the last few days.


I think I’ll be OK for work today.


I didn’t get anything done on my business as I was getting somethings together to get ready for next week.


I’m off Monday & Tuesday to go into my off weekend, but close, so hope to get a lot done on those days, as I have to make up for last weeks sickness!


Sunday 04.30


I slept in as I was still groggy. The previous few days if I was “up” too long, I’d get real tired, so had been sleeping as late as possible before I needed to be up and get ready.


Was beat after work so didn’t get anything done.


Monday 05.01


Feeling 90% better! I slept in but did not have the grogginess of the previous few days. I think my appetite is back! Hopefully I won’t have a set back tomorrow!


Today we had an active shooter in DFW so I followed that while catching up on emails & trying to update my blog.


Part of my income will be to create additional passive streams as well as utilizing products to grow my sites. So I spent time, apparently a lot of time, trying to write a post to explain it.


Some of the streams may turn into Full-Time sources, others will always only be Part-Time or will be used to help grow my business (i.e. paid traffic or outsourcing).


Tuesday 05.02


I couldn’t sleep last night, so didn’t get to bed until around 3 & slept until 11. Dragged the AM with chores.


Finally got to Day 1 of Tiffany’s challenge. While waiting for Day 2 to post & my planned continuation of ETSY, I came across a post on Facebook about a series of emails a marketer released that can be used for a WSO I recently purchased.


In doing so, I noticed another one that caught my eye. Basically you are able to test drive the training for 21 days for a $5 donation to help raise money for entrepreneurs in Africa. And if you stay, then you pay the monthly membership fee.


While it’s possible to earn within the 21 days, the main focus is to get your mindset & focus straight in those 21 days so that regardless of what you do to create your business, you succeed.


I’ll still continue with ETSY, but also will be working on this. Everything is aimed to focus on around an hour a day, so you’re not overwhelmed in needing to have 18,000 hours to devote daily.


I originally had other little streams I was looking at setting up, but those are on the back burner for now.


Wednesday 05.03


I continued the next lessons in Anik’s training.


Thursday 05.04

Extra beat from closing so  got up late


Friday 05.05

I originally was to have closed, but a co-worker needed to switch, so ended up a mid. With the long week, I laid down & my nap turned into sleep.


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