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04.22-04.28 Days 15-21

Saturday 04.22


I got some reading in but not as far as I planned. I worked mid today & open tomorrow, then I’ll be on the closing train. So I have to really be busy & focused on my off days the next few weeks!


In going through my E-Mail last night, I saw that Tiffany is doing a challenge next month. It’s only a week so it was $17. The main focus is that you’ll learn how to promote PLR BUT the way she is going to teach it, you can use in other areas as well.


The good thing about her challenges, is that you’re in for life, so you can do it “live”, in 6 months or in a year. So you don’t have to worry about losing access because they made 6 figures on a launch & “disappeared” a week later.


I’m leaning towards once I have these couple of passive income dealios set up, to go through her training again. There are two more that she has on her site that I would like to add.


So I aim to be busy the next 5-6 months!


Sunday 04.23

Laid down after I got home from work & was apparently very tired as my nap turned into sleep!


When I woke up, I decided to break down the rest of the year. I want to focus on going through the trainings Tiffany has put out. If she does additional trainings, I may go for those as well.


I’ve purchased 4 of her trainings & one was a bonus for one that I’ve already purchased, which is how to create your own challenges. There are two more that I want to do & will purchase those when I’m ready for them.


I thought that they might take me into 2018 to but I can get through them this year. I plan on one new challenge for each round, however may start some early. For instance, they run 1 week to 4 weeks. Some will be daily others are essentially 20-21 days.


But because of the J.O.B. schedule, I may not have time to get through all the videos AND the homework the same day. So may have to do videos one day & start the homework the next.


So I’m planning to start for each round & I don’t want to overwhelm myself, as I’ll be working on Passive Income Streams at the same time. But if one is say 21 days & I’ve finished all the training & have it flowing, I may start the next one right away.


The Streams I’m looking at, won’t require hours a day, but a few hours once a week to keep going.


I plan on continuing the 45 day plans into 2018.


Monday 04.24

I had wanted to get up by around 7:30 AM, but even with the nap that turned into sleep, I didn’t get up until 8:30.


I did my Facebook Birthdays as my coffee was brewing and got to work!


I decided to make up for the last few days & finished the video training for the product that I’m reviewing.


Tomorrow, I’ll go over more ETSY training and then my off days Wednesday & Thursday, work on the research for the review product.


Tuesday 04.25 – Friday 04.28


When I got home Monday night,something hit me. First I had a sore throat then started feeling like I had the flu.


I slept all Tuesday morning but still didn’t feel good, so called out & slept pretty much the rest of the day.


Wednesday was a *bit* better & I slept most of Wednesday as well. Thought  I was starting to feel better, but was still down for the count.


Thursday, I ventured out to the store but wasn’t 100% at all.


Friday, was debating calling out again. But decided to try it. I had a few close calls but was able to make it!


So this week not much got done, but that’s OK! At least it was due to sickness & not laziness as in the past!


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