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04.09.17 Day 2

Yesterday I finished getting some loose ends tied up and getting ready for the next 267 days!


A few days ago, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker re-released a WSO that Sean Mize did around 4 years ago or so. He had set himself a challenge to make $100,000 in 30 days.  No, that’s not where I got my numbers for this challenge from!


It’s from 2 things:

  1. the door to earning 6 figures and
  2. some of the BHAG financial goals that I have, this would allow me to meet them


Anyway, it ended up that he had earned $68K in 57 days. The WSO is the compilation of the emails he sent out to those who signed up for the original access.


I may not read from this every day or may provide some things that I learned (without spilling the beans) as a summary at the end of the week.


Some of the links are out of date or what he references may not have the information any longer. For example, he has links to now closed WSOs, so you can’t see the point he is making in reference to it. The sales letter is gone and replaced with an offer for free access to something else. But there should be enough goodies and information to help.


One take away I had from the first day, is to figure out what works for YOU! Not everything that “everyone” is doing is for YOU! For instance, when he first started & started writing articles, hardly anyone was doing that back then. If he was doing what everyone else WAS, he may not have had the success he has found.


Another was, don’t let lack of knowledge hold you back. I’ve heard this from SO many! There’s a 7 figure marketer who presses this point. He doesn’t know how to do the technical side, so hires others to do that, so he can focus on what he IS good at.


That is what I’m going to work on, figure out what I AM good at, see what I can outsource.


I did get through more of the training tonight. Still have quite a few pages to go which makes me kick myself that I didn’t get far this off week! Because I could be starting my store up this week!


But I will get there!


I also found out that a friend I’ve known since childhood passed away unexpectedly. We lost another schoolmate about a month back!


Tomorrow, I plan on continuing reading my PDFs and get to another Neurogym training.


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